Horse Boarding & Agro

Horse Boarding

Currently we offer boarding for horses at interesting prices.


(Price per month)

€  200.-


(Price per day)

€  9.-


We also breed cattle on our ranch (Meat Simental breed). Our herd includes about 70 cows; we sell their calves for beef or for further breeding.

Our ranch also offers a high pressure press- Welger RP 200 and a packing machine Geweiler. These machines allow us to perform all packing work for hay and straw. If you wish to have the material cut, you will have an advantage of a larger amount of material in common bale size (120x125 cm), which simplifies the handling.

Pressing hay or straw / per Bale

€  3,30

Pressing including packing and cutting / per Bale

€  13,50