Not only Czech Warm Bloods, Quarters and Paints make up our herd, but also South American ranch horses – CRIOLLOS. When considering how to improve our herd, we have foremost looked at – firm body structure, firm nerve and reliability in the field. From many sides we have been talked out of our favorites – Quarters and were recommended the CRIOLLOS. After a long consideration and with certain distrust we have selected 5 horses, which were imported only a month ago from South America.

At the start of our work the skepticism kept growing. Horses were working in an unbelievable pace of the Gauchos and were very afraid of people. However, after one week they have shown us their other side, excellent in their walk, calm and curious; simply smooth under the saddle. Lead only by a single hand, absolutely simply reacting to minimal shifts in the center of gravity. They are a dream for every rider who wants to fully enjoy a ride. Our Criollos are simply our pride!