Real cowboy

Let’s go drive the cattle!

Real Cowboy work must be frequently performed at the Green Valley Ranch. 140 pieces of cattle must be taken care of. The herd must be frequently driven to a new pasture, when it runs off it must be brought back. Unfortunately, the time to drive the cattle cannot be predicted exactly. It simply comes when all the grass is grazed. The one lucky enough to experience it becomes a real Cowboy. Our boss takes the lead and sends people to the right places. The rider must often ride through brushes and inaccessible terrain. Of course that the herd is driven to a new pasture. However, this is not the end of the work. The pens and watering places must be inspected.

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Work at the ranch!

With regards to the size of the ranch, there is a lot of work here. Driving cattle is not the only part of the Cowboy work he must also inspect the pens, herd and so on. This is our daily routine. Fences must be frequently repaired, stakes driven in and much work, which will make you sweat, must be properly performed. Siesta comes after work and fun. Campfire, grilling with a saddle under your head and getting a rest before starting work again.

Exhausted and satisfied us Cowboys return to the ranch for some peace and quiet.

“Real Cowboys” is not a steady program. It is only an option of how you may stay with us. You have to make a reservation for this program so that the necessary work is prepared in advance.